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tech stack

Curated solutions are specifically chosen with your needs in mind.

We recognize that technology is essential to your business so we've invested in a best in-class fintech ecosystem and provide the technical training and support to help you get up and running from day one. Modern advisors require modern tools to both manage and grow their business. We provide expertise and assistance on how to best leverage these tools to your advantage.

  • Computer support
  • Mobile device support
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Hardware and software consulting
  • Performance reporting
  • CRM
  • Research
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Domain & hosting services
  • Integrated amd intuitive
  • Non-proprietary options
  • Open architecture
  • Secure data storage
  • Compliance archiving of email, social media, websites, and text messaging
  • Safe and accurate data integration with custodians
  • Data aggregation
  • Client portal
  • Modern technology for an efficient workflow

tech stack & services

Integrated platform offers leading fintech solutions and the support needed to keep you up and running.
"We understand the technical pain points in our industry, so we came up with tailored solutions to make your job easier."
Stephen howells
Chief Technology Officer

Redtail Technology provides cloud-based CRM software that allows you to streamline operations, keep track of customer interactions, and unify data into a single source. The best CRM tools offer one integrated platform that provides a single shared view of every customer.  Redtail provides feature-rich, customizable, and highly automated tools to assists you in every aspect of your client relationships.

Riskalyze monitors your client accounts and provides tools for analyzing investment risk, delivering 401 plans, and building and implementing investment portfolios. Tap into sophisticated analytics at the security, account, and portfolio level to craft the perfect investment strategies for clients. Riskalyze is web-based and easily accessible on desktop computers and mobile applications through your internet browser.

Orion Advisor Technology has the power to generate the data with a simple report builder that displays clear and useful reports, with attractive and readable graphs that can be fully customized to match your brand. Orion's portfolio reporting software is cloud based and available through mobile application.

MSH Connect is our in-house solution for electronic onboarding, secure document exchange, and access to our complete forms library. No more paper stacks to shuffle through. Our onboarding processing is completely hosted online and allows you to track the progress in the portal. MSH Connect stores all advisor form templates for easy access and has a secure inbox, that when completed documents are added, the home office is notified to ensure a smooth and seamless workflow.

Laser App Software has over 33,000 up to date financial industry forms that are pre-filled with your client data. Laser App is available on the web from your desktop computer or mobile device by accessing your internet browser.

Laserfiche provides FINRA and SEC compliant record retention features, content capture, documents and record management, low-code automation and integration solutions. Laserfiche is available on the web, through downloadable computer software, and mobile application.

DocuSign is a simple and secure eSignature platform. DocuSign has the ability to pre-fill data, has easy to use guided forms, digital ID verification methods, and integrated signing methods. DocuSign is available on the web and mobile application.

Gentech/H2 Fintech is a cloud-based workflow ticketing system that allows our Operations department and your team to collaborate on all open items in a transparent and seamless fashion. Easy to download commission statements for pending and to-be-paid commission are available through Gentech's platform. Access your client data and so much more on this powerful platform.

MyRepChat is a fully compliant SMS texting platform for financial professionals. MyRepChat's software provides automation for client milestones, events, and appointments.

Erado/Zix is our provider or choice for digital email, social media, and website archiving.

Duo provides multi-factor authentication through your phone by natively integrating with applications to provide flexible, user-friendly security. Duo is engineered to provide a simple, streamlined login experience for every user and application, and as a cloud-based solution, it integrates easily with your existing technology.

We work with industry leading custodians Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Pershing Advisor Solutions to bring you and your clients world-class services and software. You will receive on-demand consolidated account information in an easy to understand format. Secure client account access is available 24/7 through their online web portals and mobile applications.

Advyzon provides portfolio management and client reporting through easy to read prebuilt reports. You will have comprehensive and flexible access to current and historical data to generate the reports and analyze data. Reporting and portfolio management in Advyzon is available through their client portal and mobile application.

Right Capital's reporting can clearly illustrate multiple scenarios, including tax-efficient distribution strategies, how to maximize Social Security income, and stress tests. You can also provide your clients tools to manage their budget, track spending in various categories, and manage expectations for future spending, like student loans, estate planning, or insurance needs.

eMoney allows your to plan across the client lifecycle with visibility into your book of business and clients' held away assets. With eMoney, you can easily analyze and identify opportunities for growth and streamline compliance efforts to manage risk.

Hidden Levers advisor platform can help you gauge client risk tolerance, stress test portfolios, and build recommendations that limit risk while meeting future goals. With custom proposal generation, advisors can generate branded proposals to present risk tolerance, fee attribution, stress tests, style and sector breakdowns. With customizable monitoring and visualization of risk, asset flows, asset drift, and firm-specific KPIs, executives can manage growth and complexity in real time.

Advyzon provides portfolio management and client reporting through easy to read prebuilt reports. You will have comprehensive and flexible access to current and historical data to generate the reports and analyze data. Reporting and portfolio management in Advyzon is available through their client portal and mobile application.

Portfolio Visualizer is an online software platform for portfolio and investment analytics to help you make informed decisions when comparing and analyzing portfolios and investment products. Their suite of quantitative tools covers portfolio modeling and backtesting, Monte Carlo simulations, portfolio optimization, factor models, and tactical asset allocation models and is available on the web.

1Password is an easy way to store and use strong passwords. 1Password gives you complete control over passwords and other sensitive business information, and is compliant with the most stringent industry standards for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.You can log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click through the desktop, brower add-in, or mobile application.

strategic alliances

Access to industry-leading custodial relationships and modern technology to run your business seamlessly.
Charles Schwab
Pershing, LLC BNY Mellon
TD Ameritrade
Smart Asset
Orion Advisor Services
Hidden Levers
RedTrail CRM
Gentech H2 Fintech
Erado Zic Corp
M.S. Howells & Co. Connect
Portfolio Visualizer

techNICAL services & support

Helpful support staff works diligently to provide guidance and answers.

Our enthusiastic team of technical support specialists are eager to assist you starting on day one with the set up and training of the systems you rely on. You will enjoy their continually patient and friendly support as partners with MSH Capital Advisors LLC.

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